Microsoft Power BI Video Links

1.1 What is Power BI | Why to Learn Power BI | Architecture of Power BI

1.2 Download, Install and upgrade new features in Power BI

2.0 Introduction to Basic Charts in Power BI Desktop

2.1 Column Chart

2.2 Stacked Column Chart 

2.3 Pie Chart

2.4 Donut Chart

2.5 Funnel Chart

2.6 Ribbon Chart

2.7 Include and Exclude

2.8 Export data from Visual

3.0 Introduction to Maps in Power BI Desktop

3.1 Map

3.2 Filled Map

3.3 Map with Pie Chart

3.4 Formatting in Map

3.5 Change Background in Map

3.6 Map of India

3.7 Map of Australia

4.0 Introduction to Table and Matrix in Power BI

4.1 Table in Power BI

4.2 Formatting a Table

4.3 Conditional formatting in Table

4.4 Aggregation in Table

4.5 Matrix in Power BI

4.6 Conditional Formatting in Matrix

4.7 How to create Hirearchies in Power BI

4.8 Sub-Total and Total in Matrix

4.9 Number Formatting in Table

5.0 Introduction to Other Charts in Power BI

5.1 Line Chart in Power BI

5.2 Drill down in Line Chart

5.3 Area Chart

5.4 Line vs Column Chart

5.5 Scatter Plot

5.6 Waterfall Chart

5.7 TreeMap

5.8 Guage Chart

6.0 Introduction to Cards and Filters in Power BI

6.1 Number Card

6.2 Text Card

6.2.1 Formatting of Text Card

6.3 Date Card

6.3.1 Date Card ( Relative Date Filtering)

6.4 Multi-Row Card

6.5 Filter on Visual

6.6 Filter on This Page

6.7 Filter on All Pages

6.8 Drillthrough in Power BI

7.0 Introduction to Slicers in Power BI

7.1 Text Slicers in Power BI

7.2 Formatting a Text Slicer

7.3 Date Slicers in Power BI

7.4 Formatting a Date Slicer

7.5 Number Slicers in Power BI

8.0 Advanced Charts in Power BI

8.1 Animated Bar Chart Race

8.2 Drill down donut Chart

8.3 Drill down Column Chart

8.4 Word Cloud

8.5 Sankey Chart

8.6 Infographic

8.7 Play Axis

8.8 Scroller

8.9 Sunburst Chart

8.10 Histogram

9.1 Insert Image in Power BI

9.2 Insert Text in Power BI

9.3 Insert Shapes in Power BI

9.4 Insert Buttons in Power BI

9.5 Web URL Action in Power BI

9.6 Page Navigation Action in Power BI

9.7 Bookmark Action in Power BI

9.8 Drillthrough Action in Power BI

10.1 Create a Superstore Report in Power BI

10.2 How to Create an Account on Power BI Service

10.3 How to Publish Report to Power BI Service Account

10.3 How to Publish Report to Power BI Service Account

10.4 How to Export Power BI Report to PPT, PDF or PBIX

10.5 Comment, Share and Subscribe to Power BI Report

10.6 How to Create a Dashboard in Power BI Service

10.7 Problem in Power BI Dashboard and its solution

10.8 How to Refresh Reports Automatically in Power BI Using Gateway

11.0 Different Text Functions in Power Query (Power BI)

11.1 How to Merge Columns in Power Query (Power BI)

11.2 How to Split and Trim in Power Query (Power BI)

11.3 Upper,Lower and ProperCase in Power Query (Power BI)

11.4 How to add Prefix and Suffix in Power Query (Power BI)

11.5 Left,Right and Mid Functions in Power Query (Power BI)

11.6 How to Extract Text with Delimiters in Power Query (Power BI)

12.0 Introduction to Date Functions in Power Query(Power BI)

12.1 Year,Quarter,Month and Day Functions in Power Query (Power BI)

12.2 How to find Difference between Dates in Power Query(Power BI)

12.3 How to get Month and Day Name in Power Query (Power BI)

12.4 How to Day,Week of Month,Year in Power Query (Power BI)

12.5 How to Extract Date, Time in Power Query (Power BI)

12.6 How to Calculate Age in Power Query (Power BI)

12.7 How to Day of Year,Quarter,Month in Power Query (Power BI)


13.0 Introduction to Number Functions in Power Query (Power BI)

13.1 Basic Number Functions in Power Query (Power BI)

13.2 How to get Percentage,Percent Of, Module in Power Query (Power BI)

13.3 How to Round Numbers in Power Query (Power BI)

13.4 IsEven,IsODD, Sign in Power Query (Power BI)


14.1 How to Append multiple CSV files in a folder in Power Query (Power BI)

14.2 How to Append multiple excel sheets,Tables in Power Query (Power BI)

14.3 How to Append Excel sheets or Tables with different columns in Power BI

14.4 How to Append multiple Excel files from a folder in Power BI

14.5 How to Append different data sources in Power BI

15.0 Introduction to Merge Files and Tables in Power BI

15.1 How to Merge Sheets or Tables in Power Query (Power BI)

15.2 How to Merge Data from multiple Excel files or Workbooks in Power BI

15.3 How to Merge data from different data sources in Power Query (Power BI)

15.4 How to Merge data having multiple criteria in Power BI

16.0 Introduction to Conditional Column and Column from example in Power BI

16.1 Column from examples in Power BI - Split Text

16.2 Column from examples in Power BI - Merge Columns

16.3 Column from Examples in Power BI - Date

16.4 Column from Examples in Power BI - Alphanumeric

16.5 Conditional Column in Power BI - One Column

16.6 Conditional Column in Power BI - two columns

16.7 Conditional Column in Power BI - Compare two columns

16.8 Conditional Column in Power BI - on Dates

17.0 Very Important Topics in Power Query (Power BI)

17.1 Fill Down in Power BI

17.2 How to Group in Power Query (Power BI)

17.3 How to Transpose in Power Query (Power BI)

17.4 How to Unpivot In Power Query (Power BI)

17.5 What are different Data Types in Power Query (Power BI)

17.6 How to find and Replace Errors and Values in Power Query (Power BI)

17.7 How to Keep and Remove Rows in Power Query (Power BI)

17.8 How to Add,Remove and Goto Columns in Power Query (Power BI)

18.0 M Language in Power Query

18.1 Introduction to M Language

18.2 IsIn Date Functions in M Language - Power BI

18.3 Add and Subtract Date M Functions in Power BI

18.4 Basic Date M Functions in Power BI

18.5 Basic Text M Functions in Power BI

18.6 Simple M Code in Power BI