Whenever we want to store our data into the database the initial step involves creating a table. The CREATE TABLE statement in SQL is used to create a new table. As already discussed, a table consists of rows and columns, while creating a new table we need to provide all the details like Table name, name of the columns, type of data to be stored in columns, size of the data etc.




  • CREATE TABLE                               : keyword used to create a table in a database.

  • Tablename                                     : The name of the table which we are going to create.

  • Column1Name, Column2Name      : The name of the columns to be added to the table.

  • Datatypes                                      : Data types specify the type of data that should be used for a column.                 

          Ø  Example1                                                                : If a column called "Address", is to be used to hold addresses, then that column should have a "varchar" (variable-length character) data


       Ø   Example2                                                              : If a column called "CustomerId", is to be used to hold unique CustomerIds, then that column should have an "INT" (Integer) data type.

  • [NULL/NOTNULL]                           : A column can have NULL or NOTNULL Values; this can be specified whenever we are                                                                                                               creating a table. If we don't specify, SQL Server will take NULL as the default.


Let’s understand the concept of “Create Table” by creating a simple table Persons.


On executing this query, we get the following result set:




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